Saturday, 2 August 2014

First Buys From iHerb

Great Cruelty Free Buys

The most exciting find from the iHerb website was the Hemp Organics Love Lip Tint. I have used Hemp lip balms in the past and have found that the are superior at nourishing and moisturising my lips. When I saw this organic lip tint in a gorgeous wine colour I took the chance and nabbed it! These lip tints have no added fragrances, petrochemicals and synthetic preservatives and they are 96% certified organic. 

The Hemp Organics Lip Tint give such natural looking hint of colour, but the most important part to me is that they are good for my lips and really hydrating.

E.L.F Cosmetics is well known in the beauty blogger community to be cruelty free. It's very affordable and is easily found in Australian Kmart averaging at around $8.00 a piece. However being very new to the E.L.F range I didn't know I could even find them in Aust and I purchased them from the American iHerb site (even though I like to purchase Australian when I can.) Getting on with it, as I was browsing the site I was pleasantly surprised at the prices of iHerb. This E.L.F Jumbo Lip Gloss Stick in Tiki torches was $3.22 AU. I really like the look and feel of this Lip Gloss. Not being a matte kinda girl, I like that it has a bit of shine to it and it feels really creamy to wear. I also love the colour, it is only about two shades deeper than my natural lip colour so I feel comfortable wearing this during the day for a regular natural makeup look. I can also layer this on top of a deeper lipstick for a dramatic night look as well.

Swatch of E.L.F  Jubo Lip Gloss Stick in Tiki torches

When I swatched this All Over Cover Stick in Pink Lemonade I fell instantly in love. This is my kind of pink! It's a really bright and light pink that illuminates the skin to make it look healthy and glowing. No taller than my thumb, the packaging is so cute and compact and I know that I am going to use this so much during spring/summer when I want a brighter makeup look. Only a little bit needs to be used because it blends really easily on my skin for a lovely looking flush. I will be looking more into the other cover stick colours because I like the smooth consistency and the fact that it doesn't clog my pores.

Swatch of E.L.F All Over Color Stick in Pink Lemonade

Sadly my Dr. Hauschka Deodorant was almost run out so I needed another and I always like to try something different. So I went ahead and ordered the Natures Gate Deodorant in Chamomile and Lemon Verbena. This is an aluminium free blend with baking soda and vegetable enzymes that help to neutralise odour. I have only used this for three days but so far so good. I'm very impressed with this and because it is a deodorant stick and not a liquid, I don't have to wait for it to dry before I finish getting dressed. 

The last week or so bub has had some restless nights sleep so I decided to get something to help her sleep and relax. As well as a warm bath before bedtime I thought it may be a good idea to spray her pillow with a calming Lavender mix. The Hugo Naturals Calming French Lavender spray has Lavender, Rosemary and Honeysuckle and it just smells really gentle. This is a Gluten free and vegan product and I hope this helps make her sleep a bit deeper.

I know that sometimes ordering things online can be a bit of a gamble, but I am really happy with the things I got from iHerb. I will definitely be visiting their site again soon.

Have Fun!

Renee x


  1. Looks like you picked up some really nice products! I love iHerb :) x

    Evelyn @ We Were Raised By Wolves

    1. I am glad I found the website. They have an amazing range.

  2. Wow, nice! I quite enjoy iHerb as well.
    The lavender mist sounds so nice! It would make a great linen spray for nighttime relaxation. I like Nature's Gate products, too; they always smell so pleasant.

  3. I haven't seen Nature's Gate Deodorant in stores. Where do you buy yours?


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