Tuesday, 8 July 2014

**First Impressions - Lush Toothy Tabs**

With the Environmental Toothbrush

I was surprised to hear that Australians use and discard over 30 milliion toothbrushes each year. This is approximately 1000 tonnes of plastic to landfill. Some hard plastics can take approx 1000 years to break down!
 I actually learnt this after I discovered the Environmental Toothbrush, and at $36.00 for a pack of 12 (that's $3.00 each, if you don't like maths) they are completely affordable! The Environmental Toothbrush is made from MOSO Bamboo, an environmentally sustainable timber and the bristles are also environmentally friendly and will quickly decompose back into the earth. 
I received mine and my husbands toothbrush in the mail today, and I thought that I could finally try the Lush toothy tabs that I have been hoarding for this occasion.

 So this morning I tried the Atomic Toothy Tabs which are coffee, clove and ginger. I crumbled one up between my front teeth - a little bit fell out into the bathroom sink so I suppose that will take some practice - and wet my new toothbrush and started brushing.
Exciting so far, right?
I noticed two things pretty quickly about the toothy tabs. One ; they foam up nicely and two; they got quiet a bit of a spicy kick to them! It kind of tastes like I was brushing with raw Ginger, but in a nice refreshing way. It may take me a couple of goes to get used to the ginger shock but honestly my mouth felt super fresh after using these. 

What can I say about the Environmental Toothbrush after using it? I liked it a lot. I ordered the soft bristles and they were soft enough. One thing that I will have to get used to is that the bristles are all one length and its very different to my previous toothbrush where the bristles are all cut to different lengths to brush the gums and the teeth. 
Will I use these again? Yes and Yes! I love the fact that I have found a cruelty free toothpaste/tab to use and it tastes really different to anything I have used before. The Environmental toothbrush is gentle, better for the environment and I think it looks so cool!

Miss E. getting into everything!

Have Fun!

Renee x

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  1. "Approximately 1000 tonnes of plastic to landfill". That's quite staggering, isn't it? Even for someone like me, who works in this industry, that's a scary number.
    I am glad there are others that have decided to switch to environmental toothbrushes. Well done :)



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