Thursday, 17 July 2014

Brand Focus: *Bomb Cosmetics* + Free Shipping!

Handmade Soaps Galore!

So here I am again with another brand of handmade soap and candles that I am experimenting with and enjoying.
Bob Cosmetics is an English brand but has a diributor right here in Australia. I was very curious to try out these fasinating looking soap and shower gel bars that I just dove right in a made a small order. Everybody needs soap, right?

Bomb Cosmetics

Big Softee Solid Shower Gel

This solid bar bubbles up amazingly well under running water. Such a fantastic and easy way to have a strawberry scented shower with a bubbly loofah or I just get the bubbles started with my hands. This is a real sweet smelling bar with real strawberries and mandarin essential oils.

Lime & Dandy Soap

This soap caught my eye because it looks so cool! The scent is zesty and a bit sour because it has Lime, Lemon and Grapefruit. My husband seemed to like his scent more than I did but I am partial to floral smelling things.These are surprisingly moisturising and mild soaps and they foam up really well.

Fruit Diamond Soap

I much Prefer this scent to the Lime & Dandy soap because it has a sweeter edge to it. Grapefruit and Tangerine make this a very refreshing scent to wake up to in the morning, especially in winter when it has been nothing but grey clouds outside for days. And this soap is very mild and moisturising as well and didn't dry my skin out.

Hanami Candle

Bomb Cosmetics make their candles with pure essential oils and I could tell! They have a nicer smell to them than candles that have artificial fragrance in them. This candle has a cute little yellow heart near the wick which makes it that extra special. I liked how the candle burnt nice and evenly. I picked the Hanami Candle which is Magnolia and Jasmine mixed together to create a calming effect. Aaaah.

Stress Less Bath Creamer.

Lately I have become a massive fan of bath bombs and this is just a beautiful fizzy ball to pop in the bath. This has got to be my favourite purchase out of this lot. As it slowly fizzes in the bath this bath creamer lets out the most gorgeous zesty Lemons, orange blossom and spicy cardamom scent up my nose I couldn't help but relax as the bicarb softened my skin to perfection.

So that's my purchases of Bomb Cosmetics and I am still looking forward to trying out a few of their other gorgeous looking bath fizzers and body lotions. And yes I have done a quick comparison and they are cheaper than Lush. 
So for my readers I am allowed to give you an offer from Get Drenched, the Australian distributors of Bomb Cosmetics, for Free Shipping this Weekend

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Have Fun!

Renee x

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