Thursday, 3 April 2014

Mummy's Pamper Yourself, You Deserve It!

Facial Time.

Hello! The last couple of days has been a lot of hard work with a baby that seems to have forgotten how to nap. I have been tired and a bit stressed, and my skin has shown it!
Last night I decided to give myself a pamper facial at home, just to cleanse my skin and help clear it up a bit.

First things first, I put on a nice cup of hot chocolate and plonked myself in front of my favourite night-time T.V show, The Block. Oh yeah, feeling relaxed already. I had already prepared what I needed and it was sitting next to me.

I cleansed my face with my usual cleanser Angels on Bare Skin by Lush. This cleanser is also a little bit of an exfoliator because of the crushed Almond shells so I felt I didn't need to exfoliate separately.

The Angels on Bare Skin is like a paste that you have to mix with water, but it works so well. This is my all time favourite cleanser and I think that it suits my skin really well.

I then used the last of my Puretopia Refresh & Balance Facial Mist and Toner just to get rid of any excess cleanser that may be hanging around. I tend to mix up my toners a lot but I really like this one because it is very light and my skin doesn't react to it at all. I also find that using a toner is a great way to prep skin for a mask.

Whenever I am doing an at-home facial I always pop a mask on. Its not part of my everyday skincare routine because I simply don't have time, but when I do try to really treat my skin a mask is essential. I used the Sanctum Hydrating Gel Mask*. Lately I have been getting a lot of oil build up around my T- Zone which has caused that area to be red and feel a tad greasy. After lounging around with this sensation on my face for 10 minutes I washed it off and the first thing I notice was how soft my skin felt. I think my skin felt so soft because the grease build-up had completely vanished. I hadn't noticed how dirty my skin actually was until this mask came off!
  I was completely expecting my skin to feel very tight after washing this off because even though this is said to be hydrating it is a gel and I don't have the best track record with gels. But I am not afraid to use this again because my skin felt plump, moisturised and so so clean! Honestly girls, try this mask if you have sensitive and dry skin but chucks a big greasy tantrum around your T-Zone. It will do wonders!

The Sanctum Mask dries clear.

By this time The Block had finished and I was enjoying the continuing story of PubertyBlues. Love love that series, I read the book as a teenager and I whizzed through it. Book recommendation right there. OK onto the facial again.

I then moisturised with a face oil I found in my local health food shop, this is called Affinity Exquisite All Natural Face Oil. I really enjoy the smell of this oil It consists of a mixture of things like Sandalwood, Ylang Ylang, Avocado and Lavender as well as a whole bunch of other good stuff for the skin. I find that I can only use this once a day like in the morning then I'll swap it for my night time moisturiser the Jurlique Skin Serum otherwise my skin gets a bit greasy. 

I then finished off with 3 drops of the Dr Hauschka Daily Revitalising Eye Cream around my eyes and patted on a bit of the Dr Hauschka Lip Balm on my lips. 

By this time I had gotten up to feed bub again and was now very ready to settle down for the night with my fresh and squeaky clean face. Bliss!

I would love to know what you girls do to treat yourself after a long day?

Have Fun!

Renee x

* This product was sent to me for consideration, however my opinions are 100% genuine and honest
All of these products are animal friendly.


  1. Awesome post! New follower. -Ash x

    1. Thanks! It's nice to have a pamper day sometimes. x

  2. Great post!! I too love to paper myself atleast once a month!! ;)

    Look at you!!!! Outrageously gorgeous and beautiful!! <3

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    1. Thankyou! I will certainly check your blog out!

  3. aww honey i know the feeling i have a 2 year old who just does not want to sleep at the moment and a 6 year old who sleeps early and wakes at 4 dressed for school lol

    I am going to be doing a pamper evening soon as really need to pick up some more bits first, I use Angels on bare skin and i swear by it. i also came across a website selling korean facemasks which i honestly swear by, i just did a entry on it they have some amazing face products XD

    New follower :)

    1. Yep we really need to spoil ourselves sometimes haha! I'll scoot across to your blog soon to have a look at the products you recommend. Thanks x

  4. Hi! I just thought I'd let you know i've nominated you for the Liebster Award. Check it out here. x

  5. A pamper day sounds great. It's good to make it a habit, at least once a week :)


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