Tuesday, 8 April 2014

40's inspired fashion

Like the look of vintage fashion at all?

After watching a brilliant series on DVD called Bomb Girls I have become inspired by the 1940"s fashion.

I found a great shop online called Mod Cloth and it's exactly my taste! I was so happy to find it and I thought I would put together a little vintage inspired wishlist.

These are all casual outfits that I love. What I love most about these dresses is that they don't reveal too much skin but still emphasise the lovely figure of a woman. The waists are nipped in with either a belt or just the cut and the shoulders are tastefully covered. This green 3/4 length sleeve top is so beautiful with a gorgeous floral print. I would either team the top with jeans or a plain skirt and flats.

I don't usually wear play suits but this is just gorgeous. A great outfit for a Summer evening.

 Lets not forget Party Dresses. These two dresses couldn't be more different. One is white with blue flowers and a bubble skirt, I think this is perfect if you want to get noticed! The second dress is dusty pink with a flowy skirt and a dreamy bow wrapped around the waist, it reminds me a bit of a ballerina.

How could you walk past a pretty pair of shoes? They top of an outfit and also are a factor to think about if you dress for comfort (like me). I can't get over how cute the shoes are with the birds! tweet tweet. And I like me a nice vintage looking pendant.

I hope you liked this little with list of vintage inspired clothes? What was your favourite?

Have Fun!

Renee x

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