Friday, 18 October 2013

Holiday Makeup Bag

What Surprises Come In My Make Up Bag?

I had recently gone away on a short break to Australia's South West. In the mad flurry of packing I grabbed whatever cosmetics I needed for the couple of days we were gone. Without really thinking about it. So when I unpacked my bag I was curious to see what I had stashed in my make up bag.

Only a few items

I don't wear a lot of make up day-to day. When I'm on holiday I wear even less. So these few items are my absolute essentials when travelling anywhere overnight.

Innoxa 16hour wear foundation in light- I don't think this product is on the market anymore and its a real shame. I really like this foundation because it is so light. The finish is not very heavy and I don't think it is oily at all. This is a very reliable foundation that I am going to be so disappointed when this runs out. My skin doesn't have many blemishes so I can get away with wearing the bare minimum. I usually use this foundation to even out the redness in my skin and it works great.

Maybelline Great Lash Mascara- I usually wear a mascara when I go out. Only one coat, so I have to make sure that it is a good mascara. Maybelline has proved time-and-time again that they have fantastic mascaras. Well I am a big fan. This one is the Great Lash Mascara, I am first time user with this particular Maybelline mascara. The brush is one of those plasticy ones ( is plasticy a word?) so the application is very precise. I have to admit if I knew the brush would be plastic when I bought it I would not have tried this mascara. I prefer the bristle brushes, like the original hairs. I find the mascara dries a lot quicker to the plastic brushes, so I'm sorta hanging out for this one to finish so I can get the particular mascara wand I like.

Australis Stayput Eyeliner in Midnight- Two things I wear almost everyday. Mascara and eyeliner. This eyeliner has such a smooth application, it just glides on effortlessly. This is my second stick of this eyeliner and I'm nearly finished with this one. I really like the wind-up mechanism because it means I don't have to keep sharpening the pencil.

Avon Eyeshadows- These eyeshadows are the perfect neutral colour for me. However I don't know if these colours are still made. I have had these eye shadows for years now and they are due for an update. I am really hesitant to throw these out because they are so pretty and I really cant be bothered searching for a new quad with these colours at the moment. So lucky for them, they stay in my makeup case.  

L'oreal Studio Secrets Lip Glow- Before purchasing this product I went to the L'oreal stand in Myer for about a week testing this on my hand and thinking if I would really use it or not. Turns out I use it all the time. This lip glow leaves the most subtle amount of colour on the lips and it has mega shine to it. When applied it leaves a hot pink gloss and layering it multiple times makes the pink really pop. Or I can just put one coat on and it just looks like a sheer lip gloss. It's no wonder why I only had to pack one lip item.

Thin Lizzys in Light and the Thin Lizzys brush- Thin Lizzys is a New Zealand product, it is a mineral 6 in 1 compact and I LOVE IT. The website says that it can be used as an eye shadow, contour, blusher, bronzer, lip colour and body bronzer. Well I havent used the pressed powder as a lip colour but I know that it works great as everything else. Thin Lizzys gives a lovely sunkissed glow when applied lightly with the brush. I usually use this over my foundation as a bronzer and blush. The brush is one of my favorites too because it is so soft and really easy to clean.

Colgate Total Toothpaste- Hey I'm on holiday but I still gotta bush my teeth. I got these handy little toothpastes from the dentist after my annual check up. Along with the free toothbrushes I always stash a couple of these in my suitcase and they don't take up much room at all.

What's in your holiday essentials makeup kit?

Have Fun
Renee x

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