Wednesday, 9 October 2013

October Buys. Lush, Puretopia...

Check out my purchases for October so far...

This month I have ran out of nearly every body product that I have, so I have been replenishing my stocks bit by bit.
The first thing I bought was a new face moisturiser. I had only the tiny samples that I get from my subscription boxes to tide me over until I had the time to go down to the shops and get what I really wanted to buy.
The Puretopia Sensitive Care Moisturiser and Puretopia Refresh and Balance Facial Mist

I have been using this moisturiser every night for about three weeks and I love the smell of this stuff. It is a little relaxing treat I dab on before I go to bed. The toner is great for taking makeup off and it has a really nice light and refreshing smell to it.

Big Sea Salt Shampoo, Miranda (light green), Dirty.

I am sure I have mentioned this before but I LOVE Lush. Lush has sooo many gorgeous soaps and smells and its so colourful. I go a little crazy when I am in a Lush shop. However I live about an hour away from my closest Lush store so I am now rediscovering a new love for online shopping. I thoroughly enjoy receiving my Lush in the mail as much as going into a shop.. well almost.
 There were a few things I wanted to try. Like the Big Sea Salt Shampoo. The label says to lather it and rub it into your scalp and it can make limp hair Big, also good for getting rid of dandruff. I'm really excited to try this one out. I ordered the Miranda soap for myself because I liked the description and other reviews I had read on it. I am not disappointed, this soap is light and has a gorgeous fruity smell to it. Yes there is even chunks of fruit in the soap bar! 
I also ordered the Dirty soap for hubby because he-is-a-man and he works with dirt. So Dirty soap it is then. This has more of a heavier and citrus smell to it than my fruity Miranda soap.

Balingup Lavender Farm Shower and Bath Gel 50ml 

Our little family went on a trip down to Australia's South West. I didn't pack any soap because 1. I had ran out and 2. we were staying at a motel and I figured that there would be soap there. I was right there was soap in the motel room, but it wasn't quiet right. I am very picky with my products so after one night of using the motel soap I just had to go and get something a little nicer.
 I stumbled across this product at the Balingup Lavender Farm when I was browsing their little gift shop. Of course everything has lavender in it. Tick. And nothing is super expensive. Another tick. Anyone who knows me would know that I LOVE LAVENDER. So I just had to get something and this little beauty was the winner. Its absolutely gorgeous, the gel lathers lightly and it has the very relaxing scent of lavender made with real oils. Using this was the perfect way to unwind after driving round with bub in the car. Aaahhh bliss.

Tinderbox Hair Conditioning Oil and Tinderbox Cacao & Goji Body Lotion

On the same trip to Balingup I found a Tinderbox shop. I was really excited to find this store because I am a really big fan of Tinderbox products as well. Firstly what grabs my attention is the beautiful packaging the products come in. There are pretty drawings for each item and the containers are gorgeous blue glass jars. I picked up the Hair Oil which I rub onto the tips of my hair. I only had to use about four drops to cover the tips of my long hair, so I have a feeling this will go a long way. My favourite buy was the Cacao Body Lotion, it's like rubbing a chocolate milkshake onto your skin. Just joking. But seriously it smells Amazing! It just melts right into my skin and the delicious smell lasts all day. I am totally in love with it. The lotion is light and leaves no oily residue.
I'll be putting a post up soon about my holiday under my lifestyle heading.

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