Saturday, 28 September 2013

Bella Box September 2013

I Have just received my Bella Box for September 2013. Here is a sneak peek. 

This Bella Box 's theme is Spring. I enjoy opening my box and seeing the carefully thought out products they have sent out for me to try. Such little items but always used in the warmer months when socialising is in full swing again!

Bella Box have teamed with Cleo Magazine this month. We all received a free copy of Cleo Magazine.

  • Montagne Jeunesse Mud Pac Kelp and Seaweed- trial size.                                                     I am looking forward to giving this particular mask a try tomorrow. I have used this brand before and really love it but I usually use the masks made for sensitive skin. The sea weed mask is used to deeply cleanse pores and draw out impurities in the skin. This brand of face products also makes masks that peel off once dry. They are good fun! Generally used to soften the skin and they are often gentler than mud masks. These products are vegetarian and animal cruelty free as well, so win win!         Perhaps a good mask to prep the skin before going out on the town?
  • Elegant Touch Envy Wraps                                                                                                                I recently did a review on My Winter Nail Faves and it featured nail wraps, so I'm pleased as punch to receive a new brand that I can try. These wraps are a tie dye effect in a bright almost fluro pink (pink my favourite colour - score!) and a hint of orange. I can see why Bella Box chose these colours, they are the hue of Spring. Very Pretty. They have the same application as my previous nail wraps I have reviewed. Press on the nail sticker and file off the edges and they should last five days. Ill let you know if they do. A great start to brightening up your Spring nails.

  • Garnier Ambre Solaire self tanning spray in light.                                                                      I Don't even have to open up this bottle to know that i am going to love it. I use this spray tanner every spring/Summer season. Its the best i have tried yet. I have tried creams, mouses and shimmer gels but in my opinion nothing beats a good spray. I have to admit I am Not a fake tanning addict. I would probably use up 3/4 of a bottle up over the whole Spring and Summer period, I like my pale English skin. But when it gets to the point where my legs are so pale they look almost blue, that's when I think I may need to give a bit of life into them ( and no I will not sit in the sun for half an hour, be sun smart people!). The Garnier spray Tanner needs a little bit of blending in but it is the perfect golden instead of that mud brown colour that you can sometimes get with other spray tanners. Spring essential.                                                                                   To make your spray tan last longer, exfoliate in the shower then after you have patted your skin dry apply about 40 cm away from the skin for an even finish. Also easy on the knee area, the hard and dry skin on the knee can absorb tan and make it look like you have been crawling in mud.
  • Shick Hydro Silk Razor and Cartridge.                                                                                       These razors with the moisture edges are really lovely. I don't even look at the razors without a moisture strip on them. The schick moisture strip is water activated and is infused with mineral extracts. Receiving a razor in the Bella Box is a bit blah to me.
  • Manicare Glam Eyes false eyelashes in Kelly.                                                                               I am not a false eyelash girl. In fact false eyelashes is something I would never buy for myself, I just don't feel like I have the need to use them. So when I received these lashes my eyebrows went up and I thought to myself  ' I doubt if ill ever use these. They may gather dust in my make up pile. *Shameface
  • Footcare- Gel Ball of Foot Cushions.                                                                                           Yes! I will definitely be using these! I regularly opt to wear flat shoes because I know my feet will be HURTING if I wear a pair of heels at a long party. These are really easy to use, just take them off the protective film and put the sticky side to the shoe. Done! The cushions are really thin so you don't have to worry about your much loved pair of heels feeling  little too snug once they have been applied.
  • Asap Pure Mineral Lip Pencil in Three.                                                                                           I love love receiving makeup items in these boxes. I'll try anything new. I don't own many lip pencils ( well only one) so I was happy to receive this pretty pink mineral pencil. I had to try it on immediately. The application was a little dryer than I'm used to but the lovely colour far out weighs the dryness factor. I have been using this pencil on its own, but it would look great with a gloss over it or a moisturising lip balm under it.
Is there any other product that is a Spring essential?

Have Fun!

Renee x

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