Friday, 11 September 2015

*Review* Kelapa Organics

Natural Skincare At It's Best

Using Coconut Oil in skincare is not a new thing nor is it to be underrated. Its been used in many beauty products all over the world for its anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties, as well as being hydrating and soothing on the skin. It's no wonder why Australian company, Kelapa Organics has jumped on board and created their own line of skincare and hair care using this natural wonder.

I have been using the Cream Face Cleanser* for a few weeks and I feel I know why people love Coconut Oil. This cleanser is a light and smooth liquid that had very little if any scent at all. It has 90% Certified Organic Ingredients and feels so gentle on the skin. I have combination skin, so it's dry on the cheeks and oily and prone to breakouts on my forehead, nose and chin. Being that this is a cream cleanser it worked very well on my cheeks and I appreciate the clean and soft feeling that this cleanser and left me with. Unfortunately, it didn't quiet have the gumption to clear the pesky “impurities” on my T-Zone. However I figured out that all my skin needed was a little exfoliation and then this cleanser worked brilliantly in my T-Zone. So this is my verdict, Love it! I would certainly recommend it. I believe this cleanser would suit well for normal, dry and sensitive skin types. For oily and problem skin I would suggest pairing it with Kelapa Organics Gentle Facial Exfoliant for that extra 'oomph' you may need to lift out the dirt in your pores.

Kelapa Hand and Body Lotion* is my absolute favourite. This lotion has a light non-greasy formula and it just works. All the work comes from the ingredients of Organic Coconut Oil, Avocado Oil and Almond Oil with no fussy fragrance just a light and natural scent of Sweet Orange. My legs tend to get really dry in Winter but this moisturiser is very hydrating and I have noticed huge difference in the health of my skin. I really enjoyed how quick this absorbs into the skin, so I can get dressed straight after and not have to worry about sticking to my clothes. That is a huge bonus for a busy mum like me! For deeper penetration of the natural oils in this lotion it's best to exfoliate the skin 2-3 times a week before applying.

My experience with Kelapa Organics has been all around positive, and I think I have found me a new favourite body lotion!

Have Fun!

Renee x

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