Thursday, 16 April 2015

The Blogging Slump

But Why?

I don't think that I have slowed my blogging down to a halt and I certainly haven't run out of content, but there are circumstances in life when blogging just has to slow down for a bit.
Some things are in my control, such as recently I have preferred to watch TV after Miss E has gone to bed. TV is something I watch when I don't want to use my mind (which is a regular thing when I'm drained after a day of running around with a two year old).

But, most things have not been under my control, such as the colds that we have had one after the other for weeks and they don't seem to stop! Again, it makes me feel drained.
Miss E. is feeling ill too, so she wants me to stay with her until she falls asleep, this is fine. However its kind of hard to fall asleep with a snotty nose isn't it? This makes it a little late in the evening to start writing a review, even though I really want to.
And there is the big one, my camera is missing. We suspect a sneaky toddler has hidden it only where a toddler would know or she has popped it in the bin without me noticing. Oh yes, I am serious. It could very well be in land fill as we speak. Along with my prescription sunglasses?
But that's life. Things are things and can be replaced. Blogging is a nice hobby and a great way to chat about something I love with like minded people but I suppose a camera is an essential tool for beauty blogging.

Blogging slumps happen whether they are caused by factors with or without our control. I suppose I just want to say that I am still here. I still have a heap of skincare to write about and take photos of and things are always running through my mind. Ill always have something to talk about (whether there will be great photos I cannot tell).

Have Fun!

Renee x

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