Thursday, 11 December 2014

NP Set Lip Paint

Yay or Nay?

I love Christmas time for many reasons. I wont list them all but one of them, (especially for a beauty blogger) is gift sets that come out at this time of year. Target only has a couple of cruelty free brands in their beauty department to my disappointment, but I did spot the NP Set Lip Paint and thought I would like to try it out. There are four lip paints ranging from brown to bright pink and also a clear gloss is added in case we like to glam it up. 
Firstly the packaging is silver, sturdy and stunning. I love the sleek line and the heaviness if the tube, it is really pleasing to the eye. 
I got home and almost immediately tore into the packaging to experience these lip paints. Unfortunately I am finding it really hard to like any of these colours. I feel like they have chosen the least desirable colour hues and popped them in a packet and called them 'on -trend'.
The texture to one of the colours Lourve is almost impossible to work with as it comes out streaky no matter how many times I blotted and waited for each layer to dry. 
The colours did not stay on after eating or drinking- I'm not sure they are designed to- but thankfully the rest of the colours are easy enough to work with and re apply quickly.

Belleville on the lips

From Left to Right: Clear, Belleville, Lourve, Pigalle, Saint Germain

Pros: Extremely Matte finish, as advertised. Packaging is beautiful.
Con: Some colours don't last very long and are very streaky.
Would I recommend them? They are not my thing. The colours are either too bright for everyday wear or really dull and they are missing the ever important red in between. Sorry but this one is a miss from me.

Have you tried these, what do you think?

Have Fun!

Renee x


  1. I haven't tried many of the NP Set products - from the reviews I've seen they really seem to be hit and miss! Glad I saw your review as I love my matte lip products so this might have been something I would have picked up!

    1. If your after matte these are the way to go, I just didnt like any of the colours. They are very limited.
      Renee x


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