Thursday, 9 January 2014

DIY Country Prints

A purse friendly home décor idea.

I Just got back from Spotlight with my mum and came home laden with bags. I thought I would share with you a new décor idea.

These picture frames were around $16.00 each and the prints inside are scrapbook pages that are $1.99 each. These pictures are a green/country theme to compliment the house and I think they look great!

Something that I really like about this idea is that it is so easy to change the print to blend in with your interior. These scrapbook pages come in wide variety of colours, textures and themes. They are found in most craft shops. What a lovely and effective way to add a bit of character into your home.

Have Fun

Renee X

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  1. I went out and tried this and they look great on my wall!!


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