Wednesday, 20 July 2016

My Favourite Thing For June/July

No It's Not Skincare.

Tonight I am watching a dvd and enjoying a 3 hour long cuddle with this little man.

Introducing our new baby boy Jarrah! He is now four weeks old and has just decided that he doesn't like being put down.
 As a fresh and squeaky clean newborn he didn't have a problem with being in his bassinet for ten minutes while mummy had a shower in the hospital. Actually I lie. He hated the plastic, hospital standard bassinet they expect baby's to 'settle' in. Instead I had to leave him on the bed, with the rails drawn up to nip to the bathroom because the bed was covered in my scent. But now I am feeling like a tired, super woman while I prep dinner at 10am and toilet train my 3 year old one handed.

Jarrah is my favourite thing for June because he is my baby. Yes, I could say that I have found an amazing moisturizer or an awesome lipstick but what could beat a newborn in the line up of possible favourite things?

In the meantime I do have some awesome things happening. I have decided to totally revamp and remodel my blog. I have (finally) bought a domain name called The Kind Beauty Project and I will be writing about things that get me really excited. Such as the ingredients in skincare, what the companies are doing to be environmentally friendly and if they support any charities. Ill also be adding company profiles to the website as well as videos, recipes and community news in the way of local markets and events. 
I do see now that I didn't really plan the timing well at all but I have started now. Even though I only get a minute here and there during the day to research all this stuff, I am having a lot of fun doing it.

So keep an eye out for new blog posts on my new website. Ill be transferring these blog posts over but since this is a self taught process... it's gonna take a while. ☺

Ill sign off with my new goodbye.

Be Kind. Be Beautiful.

Renee x

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  1. Awww congrats! He's so very cute :) Can't wait to see your new blog, I noticed your Insta handle changed recently, that must be why :)


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