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Lush Toothy Tabs, Fad or For Real?

Kind Beauty.

In recent years tooth tablets and powders have exploded into the 'green' beauty realm. Tooth clay's and powders date back to ancient history. Chinese, Greek and ancient Egyptians used tooth clay's too keep their mouths clean and feeling fresh. They must have been on to something...

 Claiming to be a healthier alternative to the fluoride filled tooth paste found on supermarket shelves, they also come with the novelty of being a interesting and fun new way to brush teeth. I have been looking a bit more closely at what have been put into these new tooth products, in particular Lush's toothy tabs and tooth powders...

Sparkle Toothy Tabs: A blend of organic black pepper and lemon to leave your teeth spit and span.
There has been some debate as to whether lemon is a safe option to use on teeth as a whitener however Lush only use a small amount of lemon peel powder to make sure that it's doing its job without compromising the health of your tooth enamel. Black pepper will leave a tingle on your tongue but it can also help to relive pain from cavities. It is also said to prevent cavities and gum disease.

Dirty Toothy Tabs: This superbly herby solid toothpaste is loaded with spearmint and neroli oils for a squeaky clean feel.
Spearmint oil is a popular choice to add to teeth cleaning products because of its fresh taste and its ability to combat bad breath. Neroli oil is famous for it's strong but alluring fragrance but also has benefits of antiseptic and disinfectant properties. With the blend of Neroli oil and peppermint these toothy tabs will give you a mood boosting and fresh start to the day.

Bling Toothy Tabs: Flash a smile with enzymatic papain for a bling, Brazilian orange oil for a zing and frankincense for a taste in luxury.
Papain enzymes are derived from pineapple and papaya. I have never hear of papain enzymes but after a bit of research here my understanding is that they are a safe and effective way to break down bacterial plaque and tartar. Brazilian orange oil is a mood boosting essential oil and all citrus is thought to remove stains from enamel. This is a really yummy toothy tab and tastes a bit like fruit tingles.

If tabs aren't your thing then you can always try the Lush Tooth Powder. This powder is easy enough to use; just wet your toothbrush and dip into the powder then brush your teeth as normal. All the Lush toothy tabs and powders foam up nicely to give you that fresh, clean feeling.

Atomic Tooth Powder: Say hello to a healthier mouth with this blend of freshly ground spices and kaolin. 
Kaolin Powder is very high in calcium, silica, zinc and magnesium. It is also a gentle but effective way to scrub away stains on the tooth enamel that even the most sensitive teeth should be able to handle. Also containing flavouring spices such as coffee, cardamon, clove, cinnamon, ginger and white pepper for a powerful flavour. If you would like a taste of history, this is probably the closest tooth powder to the original ancient recipes.

Ultra Blast Tooth Powder: A galatically good blend of mint and wasabi to take your mouth to a different dimension. 
I gotta admit that the idea of having a bit of wasabi in my toothpaste sounds a bit crazy. I don't want to burn my mouth twice a day! But wasabi has real benefits for dental health. Wasabi has been found in Japan to help prevent cavities. The same compounds (isothiocyanates) that produce its spicy taste inhibit tooth decay. Peppermint and Spearmint oils are effective at killing bacteria, especially Spearmint oil which is a good antiseptic too.

So what's the deal? Are the natural tooth powders kinder to your teeth than the tooth paste from major dental brands with added fluoride and a list of chemicals as long as your arm?  I am no dental expert, but my personal opinion is yes.
For year I have suffered from sensitive teeth and I have tried every 'Sensitive' tooth paste under the sun in an attempt to cure the pain. It never occurred to me that it could actually be the toothpaste itself causing the sensitivity. A couple of years ago I started using the Lush Toothy Tabs, in particular the Atomic mixture, and my teeth have not suffered from sensitivity since.
I truly belive that the raw form of tooth powders is kinder to the body and if you are suffering from gum disease or tooth sensitivity I would highly reccommend trying raw tooth powders and see how your body reacts.

Be Kind. Be Beautiful.

Renee x

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  1. Great review Renee! I'm still trialling mine and trying to decide what I think. They sure are great for something a bit different though!

    Di from Max The Unicorn


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