Friday, 25 March 2016

Whats New At Lush?

Summer Lush: Haul Style

At Lush this Summer its all about bright colours, moisturising skin to beautiful softness and of course, sun protection.

I picked up the Pop In The Bath bubble bar on a recent visit to Lush and I think it's so cute! I was attracted to the pretty pink flower on top and it's lovely lavender colour.
This Bubble bar  makes mountains of bubbles and leaves the bath water with a hint of purple but what I really like about this bar is the scent. It has a fresh but soapy scent of citrus and bergamont oils that's so uplifting after long days. I have already crumbled it up and have gotten 4 baths out of it and I still have some left!  $7.50 for 100g

 The Soothing Sesame Lotion* has an SPF 10 and is a light lotion to slather all over the body. Walnut leaf infusion creates a dewy complexion and cocoa butter hydrates the skin. I gave this a try and I really liked the silky consistency of this lotion. The sesame scent is certainly an acquired taste which I still haven't got used to and I don't particularly like it. The scent does fade after 15-20 minutes but the initial smell is similar to that of Tahini. Ill probably pass this on to someone who loves the scent and would enjoy the moisturizing qualities. $15.95 for 100g

 I was so excited when I saw The Layer Cake in the Lush store, the colour of this soap just makes me happy. I'm actually saving this to use when Winter really sets in and I need a burst of sunshine in my shower. This soap is made in layers with each scent as one layer. This soap smells like juicy fruit punch and its no wonder because it contains five different fruit juices of Grape, Orange, Pineapple, Blueberry and Raspberry. How yum does that sound? $6.95 for 100g

Another item part of the new skincare range in Lush is The Great Barrier SPF 15*. This solid moisturiser has a much nicer scent than the Sesame Lotion so I have been using it quiet often. One thing  to remember is that this bar only has 3-5 applications worth so its a pricey sunscreen for everyday wear. I tend to use it as just a moisturiser and break of tiny portions and use it on my arms.  Containing sesame oil and cocoa butter I love using this solid moisturiser in the shower because I can glide this over my skin and get a moisturising and nourishing combination with SPF 15. Every lazy girls dream! My skin is left with a slight scent of  rose absolute, chamomile and eucalyptus oils which is subtle enough to layer with my favorite scent. $17.95 for 100g

Have Fun!

Renee x 

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