Sunday, 31 January 2016

Pregnancy Skincare Routine

Second Trimester

I am now 22 Weeks pregnant and during that time my skin has been crazier than usual. I have found a good routine that has finally settled my skin down. So here is the low-down on Pregnancy-safe skincare.

 Cleanser: Toby and Rosie Activated Charcoal Bar. In my first Trimester I was using the Kelepa Organics Cleanser, however my skin got really oily using the cream cleanser, so I made the switch back to this beloved charcoal bar. My skin is thanking me a million times over for this gentle but major effective cleanser.

Toner: Tinderbox Spritzing Toner. This toner is my go-to when I really need something to make my skin look radiant. There is something about Orange Flower that my skin really loves and it really helps to clear up any uneven and oil patches my hormonal skin may have.

All Over Moisturiser: 100% pure Jojoba Oil from the Jojoba Company. I have been using this as a night-time moisturiser because I prefer to use oils at night when I don't need to put make-up over them. Jojoba oil is so gentle that I use it everywhere from my face to my body and occasionally my hair. It penetrates quickly into the skin so there is no oil slick left over and it soothes my itching belly.

Exfoliate: Moreish Exfoliator. About once a week I'll exfoliate with this gentle but very effective scrub. This is one of my favourites to use when pregnant because it doesnt aggravate my already sensitive skin. The creamy base doesn't feel abrasive and it leaves my skin feeling very soft and fresh.

Day Moisturiser: Kosmea Moisturising Lotion SPF 30. I use this in the morning before applying any other make-up that I feel like putting on. I love the non-oily almost whipped consistency of this product. Its hydrating enough during the day so I don't feel dry but the best part is that it actually is a really great sun protection that doesn't feel greasy at all!

Other Face Oil: EVOHE 3.6.9 Omega. This sample sized oil is another product I use at night. Its a lot heavier than Jojoba Oil so I only use it every second night, but its still not heavy enough to break out my skin. I like the added Brazil Nut Oil, Sea Buckthorn and Cloudberry Seed to deeply nourish my tired (pregnant) skin.

Eye Treatment: Trilogy CoQ10 Eye Recovery Concentrate. I'm kind of waiting to finish this as its not the best eye serum I have used, but its all I have. It does the job of de-puffing the eyes but I am hanging out to purchase a full size Z'kin Line Smoothing Serum.

I hope you enjoyed having a peek at my skincare essentials for pregnancy. What are your essentials?

Have Fun!

Renee x

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  1. I'm almost 33 weeks and have really struggled with skin care! What worked for me before made my skin a total disaster so glad to know I'm not alone with the crazy skin! Great suggestions! I am loving Jojoba Oil!! <3



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