Saturday, 1 October 2016

*Coffee Break with Renee*

Anna from The Tangible Blog

If you like to read about social observations and the world of Gen-Y then The Tangible Blog would be right up your ally. Anna writes clever and honest posts about her current musings and things that are happening around her in the world. Here is an interview with her that answers some questions about her blogging style.

Talk us through your blogging career- how did it start and how has it progressed?
I started my blog in 2012 at the suggestion of friend. I knew nothing about blogging, let alone anything web(!) I am really proud of my blog, it is a project I am really proud of, that I built up 'brick by brick'. I have built up from purely current affairs opinion pieces, to more digital industry/Gen-Y focused pieces which have been published on recruitment blogs and recently, LinkedIn Pulse.

Whats your blogging niche and why did you decide on it?
Blogging niches reveal themselves; finding your niche is very much more a process than an outright decision. There is a fantastic present diversity emerging in Perth, which is really exciting. My niche, I would say, is Gen-Y - I have relaxed my scope of topics from just current affairs, and I now blog about job hunting, interning, working life, fashion sustainability, op shops, the odd event and my personal fundraising ventures for Frocktober.

Do you stick to a schedule or just publish your posts whenever you feel?
I publish whenever I feel. The best post ideas tend to hit me at strange times, and then there's writer's block(!) I took 3 months off writing and it really refreshed me. I really fought the writer's block, but you have to roll with it sometimes, it is okay to take a break from blogging and social media..

What opportunities have you had since becoming a blogger?
Meeting more like-minded creatives and business has been fantastic. Supporting local creatives and small business is immeasurable and is a great mutual investment in the future. I have participated in Perth Fashion Festival Re-Style Runway, had a theatre review quoted  in the play'd promotional materials, being approached to write for an industry blog and publishing on LinkedIn. The most rewarding thing I have done a blogger was being selected as a national blogging ambassador for Frocktober 2015 by the Ovarian Council Research Foundation.

What are you favourite things about blogging?
Meeting other bloggers, and when the moment when you know EXACTLY what you want to write about.

What are your least favourite things about blogging?
Writer's block, staying up late writing (if an idea hits me at night!) and being branded as single topic blogger - being a blogger allows you to be dynamic and there shouldn't be any typecasting.

What are your favourite kind of blog posts to write and read?
I am passionate about so many things, but my favourite articles to write are the ones where I provide tips, based on my experience of something - E.g. Job interviews. It is so cathartic to share my experience and knowledge!
I love reading personal stories on blogs - how one event positively affected a person - I love really honest and well written pieces on fashion sustainability, mental health and current affairs.

Do you have any other Social Media forums that you are active on and what are their names?
LinkedIn - Anna Burchfield
Instagram - @thetangibleblog
Facebook - The Tangible Blog

Have Fun!

Renee x

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